Home and professional cockpits

Home Cockpits:

In nowadays home cockpits, multiple monitors, yoke, thrust levels, rudder pedals and co. are indispensable. Which equipment is right for my needs? How do hardware and software work best together? How do I get the right configuration and system settings? With the services of TaylorAir you will quickly get to your individual home cockpit.

Professional cockpits:

More and more people are fulfilling their long-cherished wish of a true-to-the-original cockpit with various control elements and monitors or beamer screens. This includes various panels, which are equipped with electronics and communicate with one or more computers. Through the optimal interaction between hardware and software, they give the pilot an authentic feeling of flight. Original parts are not mass-produced and are often very expensive. We provide the appropriate custom-made parts. Together with you we develop the necessary hardware, which makes your project of your own flight simulator a reality. If desired, we will take over the configuration of training devices.

Our services at a glance:

  • Configuration of high-end PCs as well as networks for flight simulators

  • Special designs according to customer requirements

  • Production of small series

  • Construction of prototypes